ARTICLE I. NAME

The name of this organization shall be the Canadian Sirsi Users Group (hereafter CSUG).

	                                        ARTICLE II. PURPOSE

The purpose of CSUG shall be:

2.1 To exchange and disseminate information among CSUG members concerning Sirsi information management systems.

2.2 To collectively provide information and recommendations to Sirsi Corporation for future development of 
       its information management software.

2.3 To foster and improve relationships and communication among members and between members and Sirsi Corporation.

2.4 To engage in any activity not inconsistent with the provisions of these bylaws.

                                                     ARTICLE III. MEMBERSHIP

3.1 Members
Members shall be institutions that have purchased a Sirsi information management system. 

3.2 Rights and Privileges
A.	Each member institution in good standing shall be entitled to one vote on any issue on which a vote is called for.  The Director         
                 of each institution will either act as or appoint the official CSUG representative for that institution.
B.	Any person currently employed by a member institution may participate in CSUG activities, hold office, serve on 
                  committees, and engage in discussion on CSUG policy. Only the official CSUG representative from 
                  each member institution may cast a vote.
C.	When an institution no longer is actively using a Sirsi information management system and has not paid annual dues, 
                  its membership is automatically null and void.

	                                      ARTICLE IV. OFFICERS

4.1 Officers of the Organization
The officers of this organization shall be Chair, Vice Chair/Chair Elect and Secretary 
These officers shall make up the CSUG Steering Committee.

4.2 Duties of the CSUG Steering Committee
A.	Exercise the powers of the organization when it is not in session, regularly reporting to and consulting 
                  with  members as appropriate, via the CSUG SirsiTalk list, SIRSI-CANADA.
B.	Nominate candidates in accordance with CSUG bylaws.
C.	Approve appointments made by the Chair to other such standing or special committees as may be required to carry out the purpose of         CSUG.

4.3 Terms of Office
A.	The Vice Chair/Chair Elect shall serve the first year after election as Vice Chair and the second
                  year as Chair. The Vice Chair/Chair Elect becomes the Chair following the conclusion of the annual membership meeting.
B.	The Secretary shall be elected for a term of two years.  The Secretary  will take office following the 
                  conclusion of the annual membership meeting.

4.4 Vacancies
A.	An officer who is no longer a part of a member organization must resign from office. An officer 
                  may resign or be removed from an office by a majority vote of the members.
B.	The Vice Chair shall immediately become Chair upon the resignation of the Chair during the 
                  unexpired term, and will continue in office for full duration of the term s/he was initially elected to serve.
C.	A vacancy of the Vice Chair/Chair Elect position shall be filled by special election to take place 
                  no later than 12 weeks after the vacancy is announced to the membership.
D.	The CSUG Steering Committee shall appoint a person to complete the remaining term of all other 
                  vacant offices with the appointee having all of the rights and responsibilities of the office.

4.5 Duties of the Chair
A.	Preside at the CSUG annual membership meeting, Steering Committee meetings, and 
                  any special membership meetings of CSUG.
B.	Assist in recruiting officer nominees.
C.	Prepare the agenda for the annual membership meeting.
D.	Ensure information on Sirsi-Canada User Group website, hosted by Sirsi, is up-to-date.
E.	Appoint, with the approval of the CSUG Steering Committee, such standing or special committees 
                  as may be required to carry out the purposes of the organization.
F.	Participate in all Steering Committee meetings.
G.	Perform other duties as are necessarily incident to the office of Chair and as may be prescribed 
                  by the CSUG Steering Committee.

4.6 Duties of the Vice Chair/Chair Elect
A.	Perform the duties of the Chair in the event of the Chair's temporary disability or absence 
                  from meetings of the Chair becomes ineligible to hold office.
B.	When performing the duties of the Acting Chair, the Vice Chair shall have all the powers of, and be 
                  subject to the restrictions of, the Chair.
C.	Assist in recruiting officer nominees.
D.	Serve as a resource person for the Conference Program Convenor.
E.	Complete assignments as delegated by the Chair.
F.	Participate in  all Steering Committee meetings.

4.7 Duties of the Secretary
A.	Take and distribute minutes of the annual and any special membership meetings and of the CSUG 
                   Steering Committee meetings via the SirsiTalk list. In the absence of the Secretary another 
                   Steering Committee officer will be designated to take minutes.
B.	Communicate information to the membership via the SirsiTalk list as necessary throughout the year.
C.	Maintain a file of all minutes and other appropriate documents pertaining to Steering Committee and 
                  CSUG communications and activities. Files will be retired with the approval of the CSUG Steering Committee.
D.	Maintain the membership list.
E.	Participate in  all Steering Committee meetings.
F.	Perform other duties as are necessarily incident to the office of Secretary / and as may be prescribed by 
                  the CSUG Steering Committee


5.1     Steering Committee Meetings
A.	The CSUG Steering Committee shall hold a meeting in conjunction with the annual membership meeting.
B.	The ongoing work of the Steering Committee will be conducted via email and virtual meetings as appropriate.


6.1 Number of Meetings
A.	There shall be an annual membership meeting held at a site and time selected by the CSUG Steering Committee. This meeting may be         held in conjunction with a designated conference decided by the membership.
B.	Special meetings may be called by the Chair or by a request of 25% of the official CSUG representatives from member institutions.

6.2 Notice of Meetings
Notice of any meeting shall be distributed to each member institution by the Chair no less than 30 days in advance, with a statement of the time and place and containing information as to the subject or subjects proposed for discussion or consideration.

6. 3 Powers
A.	All official CSUG representatives of member institutions, or their proxies, present at a membership meeting shall have, by         majority vote, the power to:
1.	Adopt policies and make decisions regarding the business of CSUG.
2.	Elect officers.
3.	Refer any matter to the CSUG Steering Committee, including recommendations for action, and may request the CSUG Steering Committee         to report on such matters at a future meeting of the organization.


7.1 Special Committees
A.	Special committees shall be formed as needed.
B.	Committees shall serve to the completion of the appointed task.
C.	Committee members and committee chairs shall be appointed by the Chair subject to the approval of the CSUG Steering Committee.
D.	All committees shall report directly to the CSUG Steering Committee.		


8.1 Nominations
A.	The Steering Committee shall nominate candidates for open offices annually, which will include Vice Chair/ Chair Elect annually         and Secretary in alternate years.
B.	The Steering Committee will solicit nominations from all members of CSUG via the SirsiTalk list.
C.	No name shall be placed on the ballot without the consent of the person being nominated.
D.	The Steering Committee will submit the final slate to the membership two months before the annual membership meeting.

8.2 Elections.
A.	Elections for  CSUG Steering Committee officers will be held one month prior to the annual membership meeting. 
B.	The Secretary will prepare and distribute via email, one copy of the ballot to the official voting representative of each CSUG         member institution.
C.	The ballots will be tallied by the Vice Chair/Chair Elect and verified by another officer.
D.	All candidates will be elected by majority vote.
E.	The Chair will contact each candidate with the results and will announce the results at the annual membership meeting and via the         SirsiTalk list.
F.	New officers will take office upon adjournment of the annual membership meeting.


The bylaws of CSUG may be amended, repealed, or altered in whole or in part by official vote only. Amendments will be announced via the SirsiTalk list 30 days prior to the vote. Voting will be conducted via email. Amendments to the bylaws require a majority vote of the member institutions.					


The latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern CSUG in all cases to which it is applicable and in which it is not inconsistent with the bylaws.


11.1 Membership Fees
A.	There are currently no membership fees set for CSUG membership
B.	Any proposals to establish membership fees will be brought forward by the Executive for a vote of the membership at the Annual         General Meeting.

11.2 Distribution of Information to Membership

A.	Announcements and other CSUG communications will be distributed to all members subscribed to the SirsiTalk list.
B.	Distribution of information to the membership will be primarily via the SirsiTalk list, but may also be made by fax, electronic         mail, or regular mail delivery, as appropriate.

Drafted January, 2003
Revised:  April 2005